Saturday, August 14, 2010

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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Rescue Resources Foster Training

">Lupe Taking a break at Tobin Park

Call for Papers; Invitation to Attend; Invitation to Provide Materials; Invitation to Send Volunteers
Dear Rescues, Volunteers and Fosters, Potential Volunteers and Fosters
On August 13, 2010 from 7:30 to 10:00 PM I will be hosting a dog socialization and foster training meetup at McAllister Park Pavilion # 3.  The training will start at 8:15 and dogs are invited to come with their parents to the training. This learning session is for everyone.  Information will be provided for those who have never fostered before or for those who are thinking about rescuing. But it would be great to have experienced fosters and rescues at the training to provide input. This might also be a great opportunity to recruit fosters.
I had originally scheduled this session to start at 7:30 PM because I wanted us to walk together before the training starts. Because the temeratures will be reaching 100 during the week of the session, I've decided to cancel the official walk.  The training will still start at 8:15. Folks who want to arrive at 7:30 can walk on their own or or socialize under the pavilion before training starts.  Or folks can just arrive at 8:15.
The pavilion has lights, but participants might want to bring a flashlight in case there is a malfunction or if electricity is out.
If there seems to be interest from the public, I will hold these regularly. I'm also hoping to host other trainings - how to get and edit petfinder pages, how to find fosters and volunteers, etc..  info for new rescuers, folks thinking about rescuing, etc..
I will be asking you for input, inviting you etc.. in the future for other trainings.
The Non Profit folks are already doing a terrific job of providing info on fundraising, 501 C3 etc.. 
If you plan to attend or plan to invite others to attend, please have everyone RSVP for the training at
The Pavilion can only hold about 40 people so I want to keep a handle on how many come. I really don't foresee a concern, but running out of space would be a nice problem to have
Snacks and drinks are allowed during the session
Dog are allowed during the session
Please no smoking
Rescue Organizations - Invitation to Attend/Provide Materials
I would love for you to attend, introduce yourselves, provide input and bring handouts, business cards etc.. In order to save money, I don't plan to bring any handouts of my own.  I do plan to have info available online for anyone who wants to print info before the training.
Rescuers, Foster Parents - Call for Papers
I could use use your help to put together a lesson plan for fosters and potential fosters. NLT July 10, 2010, please forward to anything you'd like to see in a 1 to 2 hour training program. I will try to put together your ideas into a lesson plan by July 16, 2010 then send back out to you for comments.  I will ask for final responses to be sent NLT one week later.
Suggested Topics - please send info on one, some, or all of the below topics or create your own topic or simply forward any lesson plans you have already written. When putting together info - remember: Common sense isn't always common :)
If you don't have info to provide but have ideas on topics that should be presented (that aren't listed below), please send.
To people new to rescue, fostering:  Please let me know if there is a subject that you would like to discuss (if it isn't listed below) 
What is Foster
Why Foster
For Whom can you foster?
- Will you be able to give the pet back
- Will you be able to give the pet to new parents
Types of Fosters
- Adults
- Babies
- Medical
- Behavioral
Do you have time to Foster
- Work
- School
- Family
- Personal pets
Do you have space to Foster
- Spare bedroom
- Spare bathroom
Are you allowed to Foster
- Municipalities
  --rescues please provide your city's rules on fostering/number of animals in home here - especially those folks outside of
     San  Antonio - either temporarily or permanent, adults babies, cats, dogs, etc..
     Does your municipality have breed restrictions
- Homeowners insurance - i.e. pitties, rotties, shepherds, etc..
- Homeowner Associations
- Apartment managers, landlord
- Own pets must be vaccinated
- each group has a screening process
- ???
- What you can expect to spend
- What the rescue groups might provide
BASIC CARE- including legal requirements for animals
- Tethering
- Inside Vs Outside
- Potty Breaks
- Kenneling/Crating (really want to hear your views on how long healthy dogs and cats can be kenneled.  Of course sick ones are a different issue
   -- Time limits
   -- correct size
   -- Wire vs Plastic
- Grooming
- Feeding
- Exercise
- Secure yard
- Separation Anxiety
- Unsocialized/Shy
- Aggression
   - Humans
   - Other animals
   - Food/Resource
- Summer Safety
- Winter Safety
- Good citizen
   - barking dogs
   - at large dogs/cats
La Trenda

Monday, August 9, 2010


<One theory is that the more we treat them as humans, the more spoiled they become..>
Definitely Cesar's theory. 
When I used to talk to kids in schools, I used to use human analogies to try to make kids understand how important it is that dogs get attention: "What if you were left outside all alone in a yard all day with no one to play with..wouldn't you try to leave and find some friends?"  And I use terms like fur babies and fur kids because I respect the fact that they are sentient and have feelings.  But I respect the fact that they not humans (in a some ways, they are better).
I would further argue the point that treating dogs like humans and spoiling dogs is two different things. And I would argue that some spoiling is okay dependingon the situation. You have bad and good parents of humans and dogs.  Example:
Parent 1
You take your 3 year old to the store.  He has a temper tantrum because he wants some candy.  You pick him up, hug him and give him some candy because that's what he wants and you love him.  You are well meaning, but you did the wrong thing.  If you continue on this path, this kid is going to have troubles.
Parent 2:  You kid has a temper tan-drum.  You completely ignore the behavior (kids crave attention, good or bad). When he settles down, you take him home and discuss his behavior.  You tell him that you love him and it's because you love him that you have to set bounderies.  You take away his TV priviledges for the night.
Parent 3: Your kid has a temper tandrum. You yell and hit the kid - hard. You drag him out the store, drive him home and yell at him the whole way. You yell at him some more at home and hit him some more and withhold food for the rest of the day.
So what if this kid were instead a dog begging for food from your plate.. barking at you and you trying to snatch your food.
Parent 1:  You pet the dog, and hand him your table scraps
Parent 2: You completely ignore the dog while you are eating. When you are done eating, you take some very small appropriate dog treats and go outside with your dog and work on some games or tricks.
Parent 3: You hit your dog, or yell at your dog
Of course all humans and dogs are individuals, but just based on these scenarios:
Kid1 and Dog1 are going to be neurotic and spoiled;
kid3 and dog3 will either wind up aggressive or fearful (or both). 
Kid2 and dog2 might wind up to be well rounded, intelligent and calm.
There are different levels of spoiled.  Lupe, Matt-Matt and Puddin know that we don't go for a walk until they are sitting at the door quietly - discipline. But they are encouraged to sleep with me (spoiled).
(I dont make Murphy sit or lay down. His hips are bad.  Thinking about trying to teach him "take a bow." I think he can do that without exascerbating something).
So discipline is important with humans and dogs. 
I see pet parents do this with large and small dogs: The dog barks or growls, the pet parent hugs the dog and says "it's all right".  On the other extreme, the pet parent hits the dog, hard.  Neither is appropriate for dogs nor humans. The first one is rewarding bad behavior.
In that respect, I don't believe in coddling.  But some folks would take that further to say that you never comfort a scared dog.  If my dog wants to cuddle up to me during a thunderstorm and I let him, is that really going to make him neurotic and aggressive? I don't think so.   
On more thing about treating dogs as humans. I also feel that the little dogs' problems are not from being treated like humans, but from being treated like "pets;" and when I say pets here I mean it in a demeaning and non respectable way.  The little purse dogs are an accessory, something to amuse us.  The don't get enough exercise because they are being carried all the time; they get used to be carried all the time so they want to be up high in their parents arms all the time - away from all the dangers and stressors in the world. They never learn to cope.
But once again, I wouldn't take that too far.   When I fostered Louie, he was sick and his eyes hurt a lot.  I carried him around all the time.  He'd fall asleep in my arms.  When he got better, he wanted to go for walks and play fetch; so that's what we did.  He wasn't interested in cuddling anymore
 Something I noticed about Cesar and something I've seen from other trainers who are a little harsh.  They complain about people like us who see dogs as humans, then they use human analogies.  In Cesars book, he goes on and on about wolves this and packs that. Then at another part in the book he compares the importance of discipline to himself. He said that he was a really awful husband and no matter how much his wife loved him, he didn't change... until she set boundaries and limitations. ( I guess she didn't set enough since they are divorced now :) 
I do agree that small "cute" dogs get way with a lot more. Sometimes much too much. But I wouldn't paint small dogs with a broad brush.  While there might be a dominate, neurotic chihuhua jumping up on me out of disrespect, there is Puddin who is trying to say hello (not just saying that because she's mine )
 One last argument. If we did see our dogs as humans, we would leave them outside all day in the cold and heat. We wouldn't make them live in garage or chain them 24/7 nor give them away when the become inconvenient

Outside Dogs are not good watch dogs

Outside Dogs are not good watch dogs 
I'm so sorry for the dogs, for you, for the neighbors. Especially the dogs.
Have you tried to show them how a dog is a much better protector in the house?
I never understood the logic of an outside guard dog.  If a dog barks non stop outside all day, how do residents and neighbors know which barking means something and which ones don't.
A robber (or worse) could be in the house and the poor dog is just standing outside barking his head off. How can she protect the humans inside if she is excluded from the house... if she wanted to protect the house.... If the dog is in the yard 24/7, the yard is the territory to protect, not the house.  Would the dog even protect inside if he doesn't see that as his territory?
I'm think there is something about this DDB's literature.  Have you just tried printing out some stuff and handing it to them or leaving it on their door step.  Maybe show them something from several places just in case they think DDB is a radical animal rights group or something (I don't think that). Maybe you can find something from the veterinary association.
Do ever see other neighbors try to hurt the dogs or taunt the dogs when the residents are not around. If so, video tape that and show it to the pet "parents."  Perhaps they would worry about the dog and bring them in.
As a matter of fact, I just looked up an article from Veterinary Partner says what I just wrote.  I went to the site and typed "Outside Dogs": Article. Two vets and one vet tech has recommended this site to me, so I'm guessing it's respected.  You could probably also find a bunch of stuff from HSUS.
Are their other animal codes broken that you don't need neighbors for? Rabies? City registration.  Intact license?
If you aren't able to approach this from an animal welfare perspective, then try to find another legal approach.
I'm sure the city has a noise ordinance. I don't know the details but I'm sure that continuous barking after 10:00 PM probably violates it.  But once again, I'm guessing more than one neighbor has to complain.  You can always approach it civilly if you so chose.  Sue the neighbor for loss of enjoyment of your property (or something like that) because of the noise.  Bring your proof the dogs bark late at night.  They won't have much defense.
The max in small claims court here is 10K. Will you see any money if you win? Nope.  Could this make them mad and instead of them bringing the dogs in , they get angry and treat the dogs worse.. or set them loose?  Maybe.  Could they try to hurt your property or animals out of retaliation?  Maybe.  Do they have anything on your that they could counter sue for or call code compliance or something out of retaliation?  Ask yourself that.
Sigh. All just thoughts.  No good answer.
La Trenda
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