Friday, August 21, 2009

If you don't have time for your pets

If you don't have time for your pets

Hire a dog walker or pet sitter to visit your pets while you are at work

Drop your dog off at a doggie play and stay before work and pick him or her up after work

i.e. Camp Bow Wow, Lucy's, Pawderosa, etc.

Many of the doggie play and stay places provide pet taxis for drop off and pick up - which could be an option if you can't find a place close to work or home.

Can't afford any of the above

Get with neighbors and or friends and create a pet care coop. Just like a carpool, neighbors can take turns watching each others pets. Example - Say you have 4 people in the coop. On Mondays, Sam can watch all 4 neighbors pets, On Tuesday, Susie can watch all neighbor's pets, etc..

Don't have good neighbors or friends or have pets who are social? Then start looking at ways you can cut back to have money for pet sitting or play and stay

Refer to If you can't afford vet care for ideas for saving money

Do you really not have time for your pets or is it that you are not "making" time?

Working extra hours sometimes can not be avoided. But look at other ways ou can make time

A good walk only takes about 30 minutes (or an hour if you have an energetic dog) - get up earlier in the morning before work or stay up later at night to take your pet for a walk

Get a laster pointer - you can sit and relax while your doggie or kittie does all the work

Watch your favorite TV Show or read a book while you stroke your doggie or kitty

If live close enough, come home at lunch to visit your doggie or kitty

Cut back on non work related social activities. Is that date at the movie more important than you fuzzy companion?

Make social engagement around your pets.