Sunday, May 30, 2010

If you don't have time for your pets

As a rescuer, you want to see dogs and cats and other pets in safe in loving homes. Of course you won't be able to take in every stray and you won't be able to take in every owner surrender. One of the ways to cut down on animal suffering is to try to keep pets in their home. If a pet parents tell you that they want to surrender their pet because they "don't have time and it's not fair to the pet," try to educate them on how they might be able to make time:

Are there some things you can cut back on in order to pay a dog walker or pet sitter to visit your baby while you are at work? It's very expensive but look long and hard and some things that you might be able to do without in order to pay for the pet sitter - i.e. cable or satellite TV. Can your dog stay at a play and stay facility while you are at work?

Sometimes, just being home with with you pet means the world to her. As long as your pet lives inside with you, you are spending time with him... when you are helping the kids with homework, cooking, cleaning etc..

Giving her to another family won't guarrentee that she will get the time and attention that she deserves. Most people have full time jobs, children or parents to care for, etc..

Can you figure out away to work your fur kids into your social schedule - i.e. making friends at dog friendly meetups as opposed to other outings.

Instead of going to an indoor movie theater, go to an outdoor movies theater and bring your dog. Or rent a movie and stay home with the dogs and cats. If you want to eat out, visit one of the many dog friendly dining establishments or have a picnic in the park with your dog or simply stay home with your cat.

When you are washing the car or pulling weeds in the front yard, take your dog outside in a crate and talk to her while you are working.

Instead of going to the gym, take your dog on a nice long walk or job. For an upper body working, wear a weight vest. Do calesthenic in the home - pushups, situps, etc.. Bad weather keeping you inside? Ask a trainer for help in teaching your dog how to walk on a treadmill.