Thursday, July 2, 2009

Financial Assistance for Fuzzy Companions

Here are some places where folks can go if they need financial assistance for their pets. This is a short list. If you google "pet fund" or "pets in crisis"or something like that they you will probably find more. I haven't looked into all of them, but I'm pretty sure they all have the same theme:
Won't help with routine care.
Won't help pay bills that are paid off or due.
Will only help if can't afford to pay and pet will die if vet is not paid.
One or two of them are very strict - won't help animals that are not fixed. Won't help with medical bills that are the owner's fault (like if your pet runs loose and gets run over)

Financial Assistance for Companion Animals
This one lists several agencies:

Here are others:

For routine care - there is an abundance in financial assistance
Check with Windcrest Animal Hospital, Man and Beast, SNAP, Animal Care Services, Animal Defense League, etc..