Sunday, November 8, 2009

Missing Pets launched in 2001 - nonprofit
Website mentioned on PetsmartCharities webinar

We use dogs to find humans, drugs, etc.. but don't use them to search for pets. So she started doing that.
Training folks in a 6 day class to be certified in search but just in seattle area.
No estimates on how many cats are lost.
No agencies to help look for lost cats
Most animal agencies won't rent traps
Flyers, phone calls to shelters aren't enough.
Must know temperment. Tactics searching for cats is different than searching for dogs.
Displaced cats will hide and not resond. Will need to crawl under houses and desks, Will need to trap. Don't give up hope if cats doesn't go into trap right way. One cat took 22 days before he went into a trap
Motion activated wildlife camera
Moltry brand - infrared doesn't flash, doesn't make a sound - less likely to get stolen - Use to confirm presence of a cat.
Grieving people give up to quickly. Assume cat is killd by coyota.
Most displaced cats (normal indoor cats that get out) usually don't travel far
Outdoor cats - search the cats normal area plus 3 to 4 houses. Check hiding places
Cats that are hurt will hide and not meow
Cats don't "go off to die" they hide when they are sick and hurt and the die for lack of care
Once example - people gave up on finding their lost cat and got a kitten. Then found their lost cat in the the chimney.
8X11 flyes aren't big enough - people are driving by on cell phone, texting, etc.. - icon that says social network (organe in color). click on that and click on Youtube and the two videos one is titled buddy and the other is titled rusty. Two diff pet cats that were humanely trapped by a neighbor because the assumption was they were feral because they here hissing and spitting in the trap.
Hissing cat could just mean terrified trap - not always feral.

Looks for clues - clumps of hair

Listen for wildlife. Chirps could be alerting about cats

Searching for lost cats instead of giving up are a part of reducing the stray pat population.