Tuesday, November 10, 2009

T shirts, Post Cards, etc..

So I go to  Office Depot and get this  T shirt transfer stuff  for less than 2 dollars per transfer http://www.officedepot.com/a/products/825464/Avery-Personal-Creations-Light-T-Shirt/


Then I go to the Dollar store and buy Hanes 100% cotton white undershirts - a 3 pack costs around 5 dollars or so.


I make up some graphics using Word or Publisher.  See attached.  Using my inkjet printer, I print the graphics in mirror image right onto the transfer stuff as if it were paper. Then I iron on the transfer stuff onto the T shirt.  You have to press hard and have the iron really hot and it works.  I've washed my T shirts twice and they are still holding up.


Something you might want to use to advertise the seniors - including Arnie.  Volunteers can walk around wearing the special shirts.  I guess you can compare the cost of making the shirts yourself vs paying someone to make them - and figure in the time it take to print and iron, etc..


If that's not cheap enough for you - I bought some freezer paper at the grocery store.  I cut a sheet into the size of  regular paper.  Took an old pair of baggy shorts, cut out a square the size of paper and ironed the freezer paper onto the cloth.  This made the cloth sturdy enough to go through the inkjet printer.   Printed directly onto the cloth then pulled off the freezer paper. Then sewed the cloth onto a crotched bandana.   Could also print directly onto the bandana.  Probably can't do this with a laser printer.


I also purchased post card stock and made handouts for Rodney.  See attached.  The attached documents could come through kind of weird because I made them using Word 2007 and saved them down to Word 2003.


When I go to events, I can hand out stuff on Arnie if you have something to give me. Can't do it  this Saturday because I'm working with another group instead of on my own.


Also you can get gift items with animal pics on them.  But those normally take about 3 weeks to get made walgreens does it, kodak http://www.kodakgallery.com/gallery/category.jsp?parentCatId=Products&catId=Home_Decor_and_Games


At Home Depot they have magnetic business cards that you can print on.


La Trenda