Friday, July 30, 2010

Pasting... Cancel


They try to tell me she's just a dog

But she's not; can't you see

She's just as special as you and me


They even tried to say she's feral and could never be tamed

I didn't care; I loved her just the same


Humans and dogs are alike in so many ways

If you made a list, it would go on for days.


We get hungry, we get cold

We get arthritis when we get old


Dogs get a lot of the same ailments that humans do

Like allergies, coughs, even the flu


They tell me not to call her "fur baby"

That's she's just property

But she'll always be my baby to me


I know when she is happy and sad

I know about the things that make her glad


She didn't ask to live with me, I chose to take her in

Now I owe her; she's my best friend

She lives inside with me and sits on my chairs

Some say that lowers my status as master

But I don't care


Dogs and humans both have hearts

And either heart can break

To be away from their human companion is an awful fate


So bring your dog in the house

Onto your bed, your sofa, into your heart

Today's the day to make a new start


Pets are social animals

Another human trait they share

Wherever you are, they want to be there


So legally, she's my property

But spiritually, she's my whole world

She's my fur baby;  my special girl