Monday, July 12, 2010

Puddin's Rap - Parents' Just Don't Un...

Puddin's Rap - Parents' Just Don't Understand
You know parents are the same

Even if there’s fur on their face

They don't understand that us dogs

Are going to make some mistakes

So to you other pups all across the land

There's no need to argue

Parents just don't understand

I remember one day

I wanted to go to the park

“Hold on there young lady,’ my doggie Mom barked

You wear a collar and tags in the day and in the dark

Aww! Come on Mom;   tags are really lame

I’d rather wear my fat gold chain, fat gold chain
Phat, Phat, Phat gold chain!

Then my Dad went mad and did the ultimate
I asked him for ice cream and she gave me kibbles and bits

Human food is bad for pups
Now take your kibble and eat it up

For the rest of the day, I’d tried to explain to my dad
That human food isn’t that bad

But even bit brother wasnt’ havin’ it
We don’t want  baby girl to sick

So all you other dogs all across the land
There’s no need to argue Parents just don’t understand

Oh-Kay, here the situation
I wanted to walk in a neighborhood location

My mom started bugging with this leash that she chose

I didn't say nothing at first

I just turned up my nose

She said, "What's wrong? This leash will keep you safe
It’s keeps you from running around all over the place
You need to have a leash where ever cars go
Your going out for a walk, not for a fashion show

Mom, Dad, you ruin my rep

Your only 9 months, you don’t have a rep yet!

The cats are gonna laugh at this leash that I’m wearin

If they are laughing you don’t need ‘em cause their not good friends

It didn’t help to try to plead my case;

Well, parents are the same no matter time nor place

To all you other kids all across the land

take it from Pudd, Parents just don’t understand

La Trenda