Friday, June 12, 2009

Fw: MattMattArticleUpdated

Hi, my name is Matt. My friends call me Matt-Matt. I got that name because a kennel worker said that when I bark, I sound like I’m saying “Matt-Matt.”

I was found as a stray and brought to a shelter back in March 2003. I was about 2 years old back then. I was nervous and scared and found solace within the confines of my kennel. Because I was so scared, I began lashing out at anyone who tried to enter my personal space (my kennel). I soon gained a reputation of being aggressive. Nevertheless, some kennel workers didn’t let that deter them. They looked past my aggressive reputation and saw a sweet, scared dog. One kennel worker helped a volunteer realize that if people got to know Matt outside of his kennel first, he would quickly warm up and allow those folks into his kennel later. One volunteer made friends with Matt and introduced him to other volunteers. Although Matt still has an “aggressive” reputation, he has made friends with several volunteers at the shelter who are able to easily enter his kennel. That first volunteer who got to know Matt later became a staff member and thought that after 3 and half years in the kennel barking at people Matt could use a little break. So she introduced Matt to her dog Lupe (another special needs dog who came from the same shelter). They both got along, so Matt started spending nights at home with the staff member and Lupe.

Matt was very nervous at first, but he quickly settled in to the house environment. He loves to sleep on the bed and hang out on piles of blankets and towels. He tries very hard to be a good boy. He has already learned sit and lay down (who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks) and he always comes running when his name is called. He walks very well on the leash whenever he goes away from the house. One the way back to the house, he pulls hard because he is nervous. But he is getting some help with that

Matt’s foster Mom tried hard to find Matt a permanent home. But no one came in asking about the cute little red heeler. So after 6 months, Matt made his foster home a permanent home.