Monday, June 8, 2009

How To Make a Slip Leash

Occasionally, my blogs as well as my interests will overlap. For example, I love dogs and I also like to save money (so I can work less and spend more time walking dogs). Therefore I came up with a cheap way to make my own slip leashes.

Please see my YouTube videos on how to make a slip leash. This information is also linked to my money blog

You can make these yourself, purchase them online or at a store or you can purchase from me.

My no-frills leash goes for 10 dollars and my crocheted leash sells for 20 dollars. Any money made will go back to the shelter where I volunteer - in the form of treats, collars, leashes, etc... for the dogs and cats at the shelter.

YouTube will only allow videos of 10 minutes max so I broke this down into segments.

To view the videos, click on one of the little arrows. To view a full size video, click on the little square at the bottom right.

Caution - never leave a dog unattended wearing a slip leash. Be careful not to damage a dog's trachea while using a slip leash. Be careful not to injure yourself or others when using sharp objects such as the scissors and needles you will be using to make your slip leash.

The first segment is mostly cautions and introductions.

This second section finishes up making what I call a "no-frills" slip leash. Coming later, how to make a fancier leash and other slip leash resources if you don't want to make your own or purchase one of mine.

Other Slip Leash Resources

Next are some videos on making a fancier slip leash - with crochet and more details. The instructions are more detailed and take much longer. It will take me a few days to get all the video loaded. I'm posting here as the video is uploaded to Youtube. I'm going to look into sharing playlist.

How to make a slip leash with crochet - part one

How to make a slip leash with crochet - part two

For part three of how to make a slip leash with crochet, I'm going to attempt to make a playlist in Youtube (the slideshow in photbucket didn't work out)and share it here. I have about 50 more clips to load so it might take a few days. Hopefully, they will become viewable here as I load them onto YouTube. Please note that there will be a delay between each video clip.

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